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Hi, I am Rachelle Lemon, MS, RD, LD, owner of trUbalance Nutrition. I work with individuals who want a more functional, natural way to prevent or address chronic health issues and help them create their own personalized plan to achieve optimal health. It’s about having clarity, confidence and power over your own health and not having to rely on medication or surgical procedures.

If you’re ready to take control and find your own trUbalance, then book a FREE, no obligation consultation at Or, simply give me a call directly at (816) 872-8973.

Your 5 Step Approach To Clarity, Confidence, and Power Over Your Own Health. 

  • A Functional Wellness Assessment to understand your full health picture and uncover any underlying body imbalances that you have probably never addressed.
  • Nutritional Lab Testing to gain a better understanding of your body imbalances and identify the root causes of your unwanted symptoms.
  • Diet/Nutrition Planning to pinpoint the foods that best match your biochemistry, health needs and lifestyle… Based on and backed by your lab testing.
  • Supplement Recommendations because it is very difficult to give your body everything that it needs with just your diet. Finding the balance YOUR body needs and feeling the difference.
  • Begin to master micro mental shifts that highly successful people make. It is time to unlearn the negative and sabotaging programming from society. You have the power of choice and individual responsibility. You control how and on what you want to invest your time.

Receive one-on-one expert feedback from a healthcare professional that makes time to listen to you and who cares about you.

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