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You deserve recognition for making our region a prosperous place. As a community benefactor, we know you want to help the region attract and retain talent, build a robust workforce, and drive a growing economy. 

Grow Our Region's Economy

  • Talent recruitment concierge to help you sell Liberty to the trailing family of your key recruits – Exclusive to our Stakeholder Investors
  • Founding sponsor of Trades Signing Day, highlighting graduating students who are going directly into the workforce – Coming Soon

Gifts For Your Team & Community

  • Scholarship to Leadership Liberty to use or gift to a local charity or startup – Coming Soon
  • Gift a membership to the charity or veteran-owned startup of your choice ($400 value), includes a public presentation
  • Sponsor and select recipient for the Spirit of Liberty award annually
  • Young Professionals annual passes for your team, up to five ($1,000 value) – Coming Soon

PLUS, all the services and benefits of the Leader, Growth, Market, and Classic levels.

Annual $8,000 Investment

As a leader, you care about developing relationships with other business and civic leaders to grow your business. The problem is it’s hard to know where to plug in, which can make you feel like you don’t have a voice or are being left behind. We believe you shouldn’t have to search for ways to make your community a better place. It all starts with showing up.

Exclusive Access

  • Reserved seat on the President’s Board of Advisors, meets twice annually – Exclusive
  • President’s Reception invitation for you and your guest – Coming Soon
  • Pair of season tickets to our bi-monthly Chamber Luncheon ($300 value)
  • Reserved seat at our annual Candidates Forum

Sponsorships & Services

  • annual sponsor ($3,000 value)
  • Additional businesses or branches, up to three ($1,200 value)
  • Personal membership concierge and a customized membership plan

PLUS, all the services and benefits of the Growth, Market, and Classic levels.

Annual $4,000 Investment 

You want to work with the other influencers in our community so you never have to worry about missing out on the very opportunities you’ve been striving for. Watch as your team gets stronger as they are better informed. Enjoy being among influential leaders who are shaping our region.

Premium Access

  • President’s Reception meets annually to welcome new business owners and CEOs to the region. Invite a C-level peer as your guest – Exclusive
  • Reserved seat at our annual Growth Breakfast with the board of directors – Coming Soon
  • Season ticket to our bi-monthly Chamber Luncheon ($150 value)

Sponsorships & Services

  • sponsor, three months ($900 value)
  • Additional locations or categories, up to two ($775 value)

PLUS, all the services and benefits of the Market and Classic levels.

Annual $2,000 Investment 

We know it’s hard to balance all the demands of your time and attention. That’s why we’re committed to giving you services to grow your visibility, to make you famous in the community, and give you better connections that will save you time and money. Gain visibility without trading your time, and get supported by the most influential people in the region. 

One-time Upgrade Bonus

  • Your ad on our digital billboard for one week ($692 value)

Marketing Visibility

  • Business Spotlight published on our blog, social media and featured in our e-newsletter ($350 value)
  • Your ad on, 30 days ($300 value)
  • Inbox Express – your content included by special email delivery ($200 value)
  • Online Business Card includes highlighted business listings and SEO business profile on ($200 value)
  • Additional directory categories or keywords, up to two ($150 value)

PLUS, all the services and benefits of the Market and Classic levels.

This membership increases by $25 per year and is not available to companies of 50 employees or more.

Annual $900 Investment (valued at more than $2,150) 

At the Chamber, we believe you deserve to find a room full of people just like you who can share your story and become an army of salespeople for you. We understand how hard it is to get connected with the right people who can help you grow your business, which is why we are on a mission to be the number-one connector of business owners. 

Connecting To Your Region

  • Business referrals exclusively for members
  • Search-engine-optimized business listing on helps your Google rankings; includes business description up to 200 characters
  • Invitation to connection events
    -Member luncheons
    -Networking events
  • Learn how to access the features of your membership at our Chamber 101 meeting
  • Virtual membership plaque and window sticker — tell the community you’re invested in our region
  • Chamber representation at regional governmental meetings
  • Members-only pricing at events
  • Eligible for advertising on
  • Display marketing materials in the Chamber lobby

Get the connections you need to feel capable and well-informed. Build relationships with other business owners who often become life-long friends.

This membership increases by $10 per year and is not available to companies of 25 employees or more.

Annual $400 Investment

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