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In 2008, we began to work with Rupi in the Cordoba Province of Spain. Rupi has been making ceramic garlic graters since 1980, employing generations of family artisans and crafting some of the best ceramics in the world!

Please be wary of machine-made imitations.  Plaster pour molded replicas dull quickly, are not dishwasher safe, and use questionable glazes.  Gourmet Graters are not just "French Style" or "Italian Design," but truly Made in Spain with lead free paints and glazing, & backed by our Five Year Warranty.  We are not associated with any company that peels off the Made in China sticker, nor anyone who "makes them" themselves.  We are EU tested as well as cleared by U.S. Customs for food contact safe!

We sell Spanish kitchen ceramics. All of our products are handmade and hand painted in Cordoba, Spain. We have a hand held grater used with hard cheeses, natural spices like whole nutmeg, nuts, fresh produce such as carrots, onions, and jalepenos, and use it with chocolates over your favorite desserts. The graters are famous for they can do with fresh garlic and ginger! We also sell a large bowl with a grater built into the bottom for marinades, salsas, pasta sauce, salad dressings, and much more. We also have herb grinders to freshen up all your dried herbs and liven up all your recipes. Lastly, we have a garlic keeper that will increase the life of your root vegetables such as garlic, ginger, and small onions.

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